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  Today’s World Consumer Rights Day, also known as ’3.15’ in China, is a day that can strike fear into the hearts of consumer-facing brands in China. That’s because 15 March is the day the national broadcaster CCTV (China Central Television) airs an exposé show that has the ability to push corporate communicators instantly into crisis-management mode.



  Broadcast since 1991, the programme has in the past left brands such as Apple, Nikon and food app Ele.me, dealing with fallout on the morning of 16 March. It’s probably a coincidence that the programme airs on the ’Ides of March’—the date of the public stabbing assassination of Roman dictator Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. But nonetheless, the day may have brands watching their backs.


  Usually, recent annoucements from the China Consumers Association (CCA) provide an early indication of the industries that may go through CCTV’s "assessments of quality" and "reviews of corporate integrity". Given the contents of a CCA theme-setting document for 2017 (the theme translates roughly as "with online honesty and faith, you have a worry-free consumer"), industry watchers say the following industries should be on yellow alert.


  E-commerce brands


  Aside from being mentioned by the CCA, ecommerce abuses got widespread media coverage in February, when a list of e-commerce business failures, first published by Chinese tech publication Ebrun, went viral on tech websites and social media, noted Claire Zhang, PR Newswire’s China marketing manager. These businesses failed due to alleged malicious activities and pyramid-selling scams related to hotel reservations, children’s products, real estate and home textiles. Brad Burgess, head of China at GHC, calls these "cowboy-in-the-Wild-West" firms that need regulatory reign-ins.

  除了消费者协会提到的二月份被媒体广泛报道的电子商务的弊端,美通社的中国市场经理Claire Zhang还指出,中国科技出版社首次公布的一系列电子商务企业倒闭名单,像病毒一样迅速流传于各大科技网站和社会媒体。这些企业的失败归结于所谓的恶意活动和传销骗局,涉及面包括酒店预订、儿童产品、房地产和家用纺织品等等。GHC的中国区总裁Brad Burgess称这些企业为狂野的西部牛仔,需要法规的监管。

  Medical beauty brands


  The medical beauty industry, using internet marketing models new to the industry, has "serious" over-marketing concerns. They are part of what GHC’s Burgess calls "snake-oil health" firms that make product claims which are uncertain and not verified externally. This year, the 3.15 initiative may reveal loopholes in safety and compliance regarding non-licensed pharmaceuticals and illegal injection fillers in the black market, hinted the CCA.


  New-energy automotive brands


  Attention may also be on ’new-energy’ vehicle manufacturers committing "subsidy fraud"—obtaining financial subsidies for electric cars, buses or trucks they did not build or sell by forging documents. Zhengzhou Nissan (set up by Wuhan-based Dongfeng Automobile and Japan’s Nissan Motor in 1993) was one of seven automakers, and the only foreign brand, fined last month for such subsidy fraud.


  Political-prisoner’ brands


  The likelihood of being on the receiving end of CCTV’s wrath is higher for iconic brands targeted in recent geopolitical squabbles.


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