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《歌手》决赛圆满收官 林忆莲问鼎歌王荣耀(双语)

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  After 12 gruelling episodes, Season 5 of Singer 2017 has finally arrived at the last episode, the Grand Finals. In this round, singers can invite anyone they want to sing a duet on the popular reality show. Some of the guests for the most important episode include Mandopop diva A-Mei from Taiwan, classical singer Hayley Westenra from New Zealand and even popular comedian Yue Yunpeng from China.


《歌手》决赛圆满收官 林忆莲问鼎歌王荣耀(双语)

  Zhang Jie opened for the fourth consecutive time on Singer 2017 and this time it is with a talented 9-year-old girl Liu Runtong. Singing “You Raise Me Up”, their calm and composed rendition were a stark contrast to Zhang Jie’s high-octane hip hop solo opener on the last episode. For the audience, it seems like an apt final song for Zhang Jie and sending a message that he is not just a singer with techniques and vocal ranges. Lion, on the other hand, invited Vanness Wu to be the modern dance dancer and Lala Hsu to be their backup and duet vocals for “Faded”. For the viewers, there was simply too much going on and Jam Hsiao seems to struggle on some parts of the song. Although some didn’t feel much for their performance, it was certainly rousing and fun to watch.

  作为第一名上场者,这已经是张杰在本届歌手连续第四次抽到头彩。此次决赛,张杰联手颇有天赋的9岁小歌手刘润潼,共同演绎歌曲《You Raise Me Up》。和上次张杰十分高亢的嘻哈独唱开场不同,此次两位的演绎十分安静细腻,和上一场形成鲜明对比。对于观众来说,此次歌曲算是张杰本届歌手恰到好处的收尾,也暗示他并不仅仅是靠技巧和飙高音的歌手。另一方面,狮子合唱团则邀请了吴建豪作为伴舞,徐佳莹则作为伴唱嘉宾,和其共同合作歌曲《Faded》。很多观众认为此次萧敬腾的演绎有些过火,并且歌曲很多地方演唱地有些勉强。尽管有些人认为他的演绎并无亮点,但总体上来说还是点燃了现场气氛,具有一定观赏性。

  Many people were a bit worried with Terry Lin for selecting Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion duet “The Prayer”. Firstly, it’s a very difficult song and secondly, it’s in two languages–English and Italian–that are not native to Terry. But thanks to his partner, New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra with an angelic voice, Terry pulled the song off and quite successfully too.

  许多人在看到林志炫的选曲后着实为其捏了把汗,因为他此次的决赛曲目是安德烈·波伽利和席琳·迪翁曾经共同演绎的歌曲《The Prayer》。首先,该首歌的演唱难度非常高;其次,这首歌曲是英语和意大利语双语轮唱,这两种语言都并非林志炫母语。然而,多亏了他的搭档——拥有天籁之音的新西兰歌手海莉·韦斯顿,林志炫最后成功完成了这首名曲。

  Dimash certainly surprised us once again by choosing Shang Wenjie as her partner in the final round. What was even more unexpected was their medley of songs dedicated to the late Michael Jackson, a common idol they shared. In the short 5 minutes, Dimash danced, sang and even played the drums before ending the medley on his knees one last time with “Earth Song”.

  此次比赛,迪玛希邀请了尚雯婕作为自己的帮帮唱嘉宾,再次让观众眼前一亮。更加出乎意料的是,两位歌手携手向自己的偶像天王迈克尔·杰克逊致敬,演绎了天王几首经典曲目的串烧。在短短的五分钟之内,迪玛希跳舞、唱歌并且打鼓三者毫不耽误,最后双膝跪地,动情演绎《Earth Song》,结束了精彩演唱。

  To wrap it all up were two vocal powerhouses, Sandy Lam and A-Mei who sang a vocally demanding “Maybe Tomorrow”. Sandy has impressed us throughout the entire competition, showing us her versatility in music styles, her vocal capabilities and her consistency. Her final duet with A-Mei further highlighted her humility and her grace and made us huge fans. In the end, it was Sandy who took the bacon home, winning the Grand Champion title for Season 5 of Singer 2017.


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