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  'I had a Caesarean section and within 15 minutes, my babies were born.Elissa's heart was leaking and she went into cardiac arrest.Meanwhile, Sienna only weighed 2lbs and her organs weren't developed enough.Daniel and I had to watch helplessly as our babies were whisked away to intensive care. We had no idea whether they'd even survive.'


  Thankfully by March 2015, both girls were well enough to go home, but because they were still poorly, Danielle barely took them out.


  She says: 'Instead, I celebrated my miracle babies by snapping pictures of them in their identical outfits and sharing them online for our loved ones to see.'


  A year later in June 2016, when the twins were 18 months old, a TV producer spotted the twins online and contacted Danielle.


  She says: 'She was recruiting for the Tracey Ullman Show, a sketch comedy show, and wanted the twins to appear as the princess - because they looked so alike.It was exciting to have been approached by a TV programme, but I had never thought about the girls looking like Princess Charlotte.And when I searched online for pictures of Princess Charlotte, I gasped out loud.Everything from her mannerisms down to her cheeky grin was the same as the girls'.

  丹妮尔表示,著名的Tracey Ullman Show节目想请自己的女儿在节目中扮演公主——因为她们长得实在是太像了。“接到节目组的邀请我很是高兴,但我从没认为自己的女儿长得像夏洛特公主,但当我在网上看到夏洛特公主的照片时,几乎要大叫出来,她们从言行举止到脸上的酒窝简直都一模一样。”

  In August 2016, the twins, who are just three months older than Princess Charlotte, filmed their scenes for the show and were natural performers.After the episode aired in January this year, Danielle and the twins were approached daily by strangers in public who commented on the girls' likeness to the Royal.


  Sometimes it's hard for Danielle to get simple tasks like shopping done as everyone wants to take pictures of Elissa (pictured) and Sienna.


  Danielle remembers: 'One lady told us it was like we had our own pair of royals.Now it happens every time we head out the door - it's difficult to get the smallest tasks like food shopping done as people always want to stop and talk to us.When we were in Portugal this summer, strangers were taking pictures of the girls, and one person even tried to pick them up.Luckily Daniel rushed in to stop them but it was bizarre.'


  'We were extra cautious for the rest of the holiday and we got our taxi driver drop us off away from the hotel in case anyone was following us.'Danielle says that Elissa and Sienna still don't know about their royal lookalike.She says: 'They think everything is about them and they play up to strangers, chatting away and smiling for photos.


  'I don't intentionally dress them up like Princess Charlotte, but I adore Kate's style.We both love classic styles like pink cardigans and flouncy dresses, but the girls prefer wacky outfits like tutus and fancy dress.They always insist on wearing identical outfits.Our girls are rather special and they look more and more like the princess every day.We can't wait to see what happens when they grow up.'


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