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2018新一线城市排行榜新鲜出炉 新一线城市都有哪些(双语)

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  Xi 'an: more than 300,000 people have settled in.


  Health, safety and security are trusted.


  Recently, the China development research foundation and PWC jointly issued "the opportunities the city of 2018" report, the report shows that in addition to the separate respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, xi 'an, in sixth place in the other 26 cities.


  In 2018, xi 'an is known as "web celebrity" city, overnight, from "ZhaoCaiYinZhi" to "trill city", from "hard technology conference" to "the most China" in xi 'an, xi 'an every appearance to attract national attention, shown into a new line of Chinese cities, xi 'an self-confidence is dye-in-the-wood.


  Since 2017, xi 'an again and again to relax in policy, build the history of the loose the most convenient ZhaoCaiYinZhi environment, a set of data for the latest policy vigorously thumb up, by the middle of April, the number of new settled in xi 'an has amounted to 300000. Compared with the new first-tier cities, the "west" talent effect has already appeared. It is well known that city influence is closely related to the attraction of the city to the talent. Since last year, with the introduction of xi 'an talent policy and the new policy, tens of thousands of people have accelerated their entry into the city, and the work and living environment has attracted much attention. According to the reporter, xi 'an implements the "three new policies" of household registration, talent and innovation, and the net inflow of talents ranks among the top cities in the country.


  According to introducing, xi 'an, strive for to 2021 in xi an academician of the industrialization of achievement of entrepreneurship and to carry out a total of 80, the newly introduced and cultivated 30 world-class innovation team, establish a member of expert workstations, more than 100 years into academician (innovation team) for domestic leading level of the 100 major scientific and technological achievements. Every year, 200, 000 new students are created in xi 'an, and five million college students are retained in five years. We will continue to build the "xi 'an alumni line" activity brand, and attract overseas high level alumni to return to business.


  Reporter discovery, in the opportunities the city of 2018 report, xi 'an, in the dimension of "health, safety and security" ranked third, second only to hangzhou and chengdu (tied), fully show that the medical resources and level of xi 'an was at high levels, public security environment is better also.


  Zhengzhou: make the list with city hub status.


  Zhengzhou's ranking has been boosted by improvements in its urban hub status. In October 2016, zheng xu's high-speed railway opened, which means that zhengzhou has connected henan, anhui and jiangsu provinces with high-speed railway, and the central plains region and the Yangtze river delta city cluster have been made. Now, zhengzhou can reach 129 cities through high-speed rail, which is the sixth largest city in the country. In addition to the high-speed rail, zhengzhou air port area, rail freight, the strength of the highway is also not to be underestimated.


  It is worth noting that in this study, zhengzhou has surpassed wuhan and nanjing in terms of the variety of food and drink in terms of food and drink, which are closely related to daily life. In addition, the performance of entertainment, sports and consumption is also good, reaching the top ten of the new first-tier cities. This also reflects the diversity of zhengzhou culture and the high tolerance. Of course, compared with first-tier cities, zhengzhou still has a certain gap.

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