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  Long conversation 1

  Q1: B Having friendly colleagues

  解析:原文中前半部分男士说到:“The most important factor for the majority of the people interviewed was having friendly, supportive colleagues.” 对于大部分接受采访的人来说,最重要的因素是拥有友好的、互相支持的同事们。

  Q2:B 20%

  解析:原文中部男士说到:“However, 20% of employees described themselves as being unhappy.” 20%的员工说他们工作得不开心。

  Q3:A those of a small size

  解析:后半部男士提到:“First of all, small is beautiful: people definitely prefer working for smaller organizations or companies with less than 100 staff.” 首先小就是好:人们绝对偏爱在少于100人的小公司工作。

  Q4:C They can better balance work and life

  解析:原文中男士说到:“And workers on part-time contracts, who only work 4 or 5 hours a day, are happier than those who work full-time. The researchers concluded that this is probably due to a better work-life balance.” 每天工作4、5个小时的兼职人员比全职人员要开心,这可能是由于一种更好的工作与生活之间的平衡。

  Long conversation 2

  Q5:D It is a collection of photos.

  解析:原文前部分男士提到:“In 2006, when the concert hall of the city of Bruges asked me to take some pictures for a catalogue for a new concert season around the theme of water.” 在2006年,布鲁日城市音乐厅请我帮他们完成一个以水为主题的摄影系列。所以这本书是一个摄影系列。

  Q6: C When taking pictures for a concert catalogue.

  解析:原文前部分男士提到:“In 2006, when the concert hall of the city of Bruges asked me to take some pictures for a catalogue for a new concert season around the theme of water.” 在2006年,布鲁日城市音乐厅请我帮他们完成一个以水为主题的摄影系列。所以是在拍摄这个系列时产生的灵感。

  Q7:A The entire European coastline will be submerged.

  解析:原文中部提到:“It is clear now that it is a matter of time before the entire European coastline disappears under water.” 很明确,整个欧洲海岸线的消失只是时间的问题,由此判断出正确答案。

  Q8:D Tourists use wooden paths to reach their hotels in the morning.

  解析:文章结尾提到:“Also, Venice, the city eternally threatened by the sea, where every morning wooden pathways have to be set up to allow tourists to reach their hotels.” 威尼斯全程都被海洋威胁着,每天早上人们都要搭上木桥,游客们才能顺利到达旅馆。

  Passage 1

  Q9: C they spend too much time anticipating their defeat

  解析:原文第一句说到:“When facing a new situation, some people tend to rehearse their defeat by spending too much time anticipating the worst.” 当面临新的挑战, 人们总花很多时间去想最坏的情况。由此得出正确答案。

  Q10:D Thinking has the same effect on the nervous system as doing

  解析:原文提到:“Research conducted at Stanford University shows a mental image fires the nerve system the same way as actually doing something.” 斯坦福大学发布的研究表明,心理暗示对神经系统作用巨大,会最终导致同样的结果。

  Q11:C Picture themselves succeeding


  Q12:B She won her first jury trail


  Passage 2

  Q 13: C It helps people to avoid developing breast cancer

  解析:文章前部分提到:“Telling them that eating lots of high-fiber foods could reduce the risk of breast cancer before middle age.” 摄入大量高纤维食品合一降低中年时期患乳腺癌的概率。

  Q14:D It tracked their eating habits since their adolescence

  解析:文章中间提到:“It turns out that those who consumed the highest levels of fiber during adolescence had a lower risk of developing breast cancer.” 研究发现青春期摄入越多纤维的女性在未来患乳腺癌的概率越低。所以答案是这项研究从她们青春期开始追踪的。

  Q15:A Fiber may help to reduce hormones in the body

  解析:文章后半部分提到:“The finding points to long-standing evidence that fiber may reduce circulating female hormone levels,” 研究表明长期实验的证据表明纤维可以降低女性体内的荷尔蒙。

  Lecture 1

  Q16:B Conducting research on consumer behaviour

  解析:原文第一句提到:“Well my current research is really about consumer behavior.” 最近我在关注消费者行为这个课题。

  Q17:D It is an act of socialisting

  解析:文章中部提到:“One of the things that I've identified is that drinking for people say between the ages of 18 and 24 is all about the social activity.” 我的一项发现是年龄在18至24岁的人喝酒是出于社交原因。

  Q18:A They spent a week studying their own purchasing bahaviour.

  解析:文章最后提到:“last year my students spent a week looking at their own purchasing and analyzed it in detail from shopping to the relationship that they have with their retail banks and their mobile phone providers.” 去年我的学生花了一周时间去关注、分析他们的购物情况,以及他们和银行、手机制造商的关系。

  Lecture 2

  Q19: D It is likely to give up paper money in the near future

  解析:在听力原文中说到Sweden was the first European country to print and use paper money, but it may soon do away with physical currencies. 瑞典是欧洲第一个印刷并使用纸币的国家,但可能不久就会停止使用。

  Q20:C whether the absence of physical currency causes a person to spend more

  解析:在听力原文中说到Barrett wanted to find out if the absence of physical currency does indeed cause a person to spend more, so she decided to conduct an experiment a few months ago. Barrett想知道不带现金是否会导致人们花更多的钱,所以几个月前她决定做一个实验。

  Q21:C the restaurant car accepted cash only

  解析:在听力原文中说到On the way, there was an announcement that the restaurant car was not currently accepting credit cards. The train cars were filled with groans because many of the passengers were traveling without cash. 在火车上,她发现餐车不接受信用卡消费,结果车上便充满了呻吟因为很多乘客都没有带现金。

  Q22:A By putting into envelopes

  解析:在听力原文中说到My parents, when they were younger, used to budget by putting money into envelopes— they'd get paid and they'd immediately separate the cash into piles and put them in envelopes, so they knew what they had to spend week by week. 我父母那一代,当他们年轻的时候,他们会把钱放进信封里来做预算。当他们拿到工资后,他们便立马把现金分为几份并放进信封,这样他们就能知道每周要花多少钱。

  Lecture 3

  Q23:B Chrome hunger

  解析:原文提到:“So let’s start with a few problems. Right now, a billion people are chronically hungry.” 让我们先来说几个问题。现在有上十亿人长期处于饥饿状态。

  Q24:B About half of them are unintended

  解析:在听力原文中说到About half of all pregnancies globally are unintended.全球有近五成意外受孕。

  Q25:A It is essential to the wellbeing of all species on earth

  解析:原文提到:“It’s not only the study of human population, but the populations of non-human species. Demography also includes the study of non-living objects.” 人口统计学,不仅是关于人类的种群,也关乎于非人类种群,还包括无生命的对象。由此可见,人口问题对所有物种来说都是必要的。




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