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  Part Ⅰ Writing 写作(短文写作)  Writing

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the chart below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the chart and comment on China' s achievements in higher education. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  The bar chart above explicitly demonstrates that the gross enrollment ratio in universities in China, according to the data from Ministry of Education, has increased dramatically from 3.4% in 1990 to 51.6% in 2019. Obviously, the past thirty years have witnessed China5 s great achievements in higher education.

  Firstly, higher education in China has become approachable to most Chinese citizens. This is partly due to the fact that China5 s economy has been developing at a marvelous speed, but also because Chinese government has launched a wide range of favorable policies to support rural students to get admitted to colleges. Moreover, the quality of China5 s universities has showed a marked improvement. Now, several seats of learning in China are among the top universities world-wide, and every year they draw numerous foreign students to come to China for higher education. Besides, Chinese government and a mass of big enterprises have been investing heavily into upgrading the campus sites, introducing the most advanced equipments, and increasing the faculty5 s salaries.

  In all, the China' s achievements in higher education are remarkable. I believe that this trend will surely continue, and will in turn benefit our great country.

  Part Ⅱ Listening 听力

  1.A) He is going to leave his present job.

  2.B, It should be kept private.

  3.C) It may adversely affect his future career prospects.

  4.A)Pour out his frustrations on a rate-your-employer websites.

  5.B) Her latest documentary.

  6.D) She had to endure many hardships.

  7.D) A hurricane was coming.

  8.C) It was fruitful

  9.B) It diminishes laymen's interest in science.

  10.C) They tend to disbelieve the actual science.

  11.B) Do away with jargon terms.

  12.A) There were oil deposits below a local gassyhiU.

  13.D) The sand under the hill

  14.C) It gave birth to the oil drilling industry.

  15.D) It radically transformed the state's economy.

  16.D) Bad managers.一

  17.B) Toxic company culture.

  18.A) It was based only on the perspective of employees.

  19.D) It is seeing an automation revolution

  20.A) It creates a lot of new job.

  21.C) They accept it with reservation.

  22.B). Their annual death rate is about twice that of the global average.

  23.C). They don' t reflect the changes in individual countries.

  24.B). Many of them have seen a decline in road-death rates.

  25.A). Foster better driving behavior.

  Part Ⅲ Reading 阅读

  Section A 词汇理解(选词填空)

  Part III(真题)

  Reading Comprehension (40minutes)

  Section A

  Directions:in this setion, there is apassage wtih ten banks. You are required to select one words for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage.Read the passage through carefully before making your choices.Each choices in the bank is identified by a letter.Plaease mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

  I'm always baffled when I walk into a pharmacy and see shelves bursting with various vitamins ,extracts and other supplements ,all promising to accelerate or promote weight loss .Aisles of marketing genius belie(掩饰)the fact that, ____26____, weight loss is dictated by the laws of artithmetic. Economistes Jessica Trcine wrote a book about how she used math to help her lose more than 18 kilograms.If calrics taken in are less than calories ____27____, weight shall be lost, and so it is with money .

  Despite the ___28___of financial products, service and solutions geared towards accumulateing wealth, it all begins with the same __29___:getting ahead financially requires a reduction of spengding,so that income is greater than expenses,i was reminded of this again recently listenning to an interview with nicole haddow the author of samshed avocado,explaining how she cracked the property market at 31, it was quite a ____30____,given where she had been two years carlier.

  Nicole didn't celebrate her 30th birthday as she had_31.She was sobbing at the diner table with her parens, wth whom she had just moved back in.She had no stable income S12000 in credi-card debt and no pan, but to her_32, her father, an accountant told her that her financial 33_wasn't as badasshe thought. He said, on her income, with some changes, she would be able to buy an investment unit within two years, which she did.

  Nicole admitted she was fortunate, as she was able to live with her parents and 34 her spending-and life- to get herself on track financally. Creating a gap between her income and spending required a paradigm shift and 35 sacrifice and commitment but by going into financial lockdown, Nicole gained f nancial independence .

  A) abundance I) impetus

  B) astonishment J) overhaul

  C) entailed K) permanently

  D) envisaged L) plight

  E) equation M) prosper

  F) expended N) shatter

  G) feat 0) ultimately

  H) fiscally


  26 O) ultimately

  27 F)expended

  28 A) abundance

  29 E) equation

  30 G)feat

  31 D)envisaged

  32 B)astonishment

  33 L)plight

  34 J)overhaul

  35 C) entailed

  Section B信息匹配(长篇阅读)

  How Marconi Gave Us the Wireless World

  36[F]Marconi ivented the idea of global communication--or,more straightforwardly,globally networked ,mobile, wireless communication .

  37.[I] Marconi placed a permanent stamp on the way we live.

  38.[D] In1901 he succeeded in signaling across the Atlantic ,from the west coast of England to Newfoundland in the US-A, despite the claims of science that it could not bedone.

  39.[J] At the sametime , Marconi was uncompromisingly in-dependent intellectually . 40.[C] Between 1896,when he applied for his first patent inEngland at the age of 22, and his death in Italy in1937,Marconi was at the center of every major innovation in electronic communication .

  41.[E] Marconi'scarer was devoted to making wireless com-munication happen cheap ly,efficiently,smoothly, and withan elegance that would appear to be intuitive and un compli-cated to the user--user-friendly ,if you will.

  42.[K] The most controversial aspect of Marconi's life--and the reason why there has been no satisfying biography ofMarconi until now--was his uncritical embrace of BenitoMussolini .

  43.[G] In his lifetime ,Marconi foresaw the development oftelevision and the fax machine ,GPS,radar, and the portablehand-held telephone .

  44.[B] Today's globally networked media and communica-tion system has its origins in the 19thcentury,when, for thefirst time , messages were sent electronically across greatdistance s.

  45.[H] Marconi's biography is also a story about choices and the motivations behind the motivations behind them.

  Section C 仔细阅读2篇(阅读理解)


  46 A) It is a gift creative people are endowed with.

  47 C) They add beauty and charm to the world.

  48 C) The value of drawing tends to be overestimated.

  49 D) It helps improve concentration and memory.

  50 D) Precision in visual perception.


  51 B) They present a false picture of the autonomy cars provide.

  52 C) Only some can be put to use under current traffic conditions.

  53 A) It is likely to create traffic jams in other places.

  54 B) It seldom delivers all the benefits as promised.

  55 C) Technological innovation should be properly regulated.

  Part Ⅳ Translation 翻译(汉译英)

  海南是仅次于台湾的中国第二大岛,是位于中国最南端的省 份。海南岛风景秀丽,气候宜人,阳光充足,生物多样,温泉 密布,海水清澈,大部分海滩几乎全年都是游泳和日光浴的理 想场所,因而被誉为中国的四季花园和度假胜地,每年都吸引 了大批中外游客。

  海南1988年建省以来,旅游业、服务业、高新技术产业飞速发 展,是中国唯一的省极经济特区。在中央政府和全国人民的大 力支持下,海南将建成中国最大的自由贸易试验区。

  Hainan is the second largest island next to Taiwan and most southern province in China. The island features beautiful views, pleasant climate, sufficient sunshine, diverse species, abundant hot springs and crystal-clear sea. As most beaches are ideal places for swimming and sunbathing almost all the year around, it is well recognized as China* s four-season garden and holiday resort and attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

  Since its founding in 1988, Hainan has made rapid development in tourism, service industries and high-tech industries and become the only special economic zone at the provincial level. With the strong support of the central government and the national people, Hainan will be built into the largest pilot free trade zone.


  Part Ⅰ Writing 写作(短文写作)


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the graph below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the graph and comment on China' s achievements in urbanization. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  Part Ⅱ Listening 听力

  1.A) Weird.

  2.B) They are ignorant.

  3.B) They can air their views.

  4.C) It enables people to learn and grow.

  5.A) He kept looking for the best place to stay.

  6.B) Stretch out the process in search of the optimal

  7.C) Modern technology.

  8.A) Research as many different options as possible.

  9.D) It is not of much help to younger children.

  10.A) It may put some students in remote areas at a disadvantage.

  11.C) Doing homework exerts a positive effect on kids* personality development.

  12.B) It was ridiculed by the New York Times.

  13.A) It was of great significance to rocket science.

  14.B) Its climate was ideal for year-round rocket launching.

  15.C) He was granted over 200 patents in rocket

  16.D) It can be rather risky.

  17.C) It reduces conflict among team members.

  18.B) They often work without any

  19.D) They are better able to survive or handle disease.

  20.A) They have a limited reproductive ability.

  21.D) The resolution of aging-related diseases will solve the mystery of aging.

  22.A They are reluctant to follow instruction.

  23.B They are not satisfied with the management.

  24.C When they find their supervisors helpful.

  25.A They are a useless tool for managers to change employee behavior.

  Part Ⅲ Reading 阅读

  Section A 词汇理解(选词填空)

  A new study has drawn a bleak picture of cultural in clusiveness reflected in the...

  26 F) investigated

  27 E) housed

  28 I) representation

  29 H) portraying

  30 K) secondary

  31 C) bias

  32.B) appreciation

  33 G) overwhelming

  34 A) alienating

  35 .L) superiority

  Section B信息匹配(长篇阅读)

  FranceJ s beloved cathedral only minutes away from complete destruction

  36.I) The interior minister,Christophe Castaner,visited the cathedral on Tuesday afternoon to see the extent of the devastation.

  37 .D) The cathedral is owned by the French state and has been at the centre of a years-long dispute over who should finance restoration work of the collapsing staircases,crumbling statues and cracked walls.

  38 .K) French political commentators noted the devastating fire had succeeded where Macron had failed in uniting the country.

  39 .F) The fire,which had started at the base of the 93-metre spire (尖塔)at about 6:40pm on Monday, spread through the cathedraf s roof,made up of hundreds of oak beams,some dating back to the 13th century.

  40.B) The revelation of how close France came to losing its most famous cathedral emerged as police investigators questioned workers involved in the restoration of the monument to try to establish the cause of the devastating blaze. 41 .H) While the world looked on,the 500 firefighters at the scene then battled to prevent the flames from reaching the two main towers,where the cathedral bells hang.

  42.H) While the world looked on,the 500 firefighters at the scene then battled to prevent the flames from reaching the two main towers,where the cathedral bells hang.

  43J)The culture minister,Franck Riester, said religious relics saved from the cathedral were being securely held at the Hotel de Ville, and works of art that sustained smoke damage were being taken to the Louvre,the world' s largest art museum,where they would be dried out,repaired and stored.

  44 .D) The cathedral is owned by the French state and has been at the centre of a years-long dispute over who should finance restoration work of the collapsing staircases,crumbling statues and cracked walls.

  45 .G) A collection of dramatic videos and photos quickly spread across social media,showing the horrifying destruction,and attracting emotional responses from people all over the word.

  Section C 仔细阅读2篇(阅读理解)

  Humans are fascinated by the source of their failings and virtues. This preoccupation....

  46 .D) Students * academic performance is determined by their genes.

  47 .A) Its result was questionable.

  48.B) It is not one of cause and effect.

  49 .A) Take all relevant factors into account in interpreting their data.

  50 .D) Promoting discrimination in the name of science.

  Nicola Sturgeon' s speech last Tuesday setting out the Scottish government * s legislative programme......

  51 .B) Tourists will have to pay a tax to visit Scotland.

  52 .C) Its ruling party is opposed to taxes and regulation.

  53 .D) Ease its financial burden of providing local services

  54 .A) They don, t seem to care about the social cost of tourism.

  55 .D) Unclear.

  Part Ⅳ Translation 翻译(汉译英)

  云南是位于中国西南的一个省,平均海拔1500米。云南历史悠 久,风景秀丽,气候宜人。云南生态环境优越,生物多种多 样,被誉为野生动植物的天堂.云南还有多种矿藏和充足的水资 源,为全省经济的可持续发展提供了有利条件。

  云南居住着25个少数民族,他们大多有自己的语言习俗和宗 教。云南独特的自然景色和丰富的民族文化使其成为中国最受 欢迎的旅游目的地之一,每年都吸引着大批国内外游客前往观 光旅游。

  Yunnan is a province in southwest China with the average altitude of 1,500 metres. Yunnan features a Long history, picturesque landscapes and pleasant climate. With its superior ecological environment and diverse species, Yunnan is well recognized as a paradise of wild animals and plants. In addition, Yunnan boasts abundant mineral and water resources, providing favourable conditions for its sustainable development.

  Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic minorities, who have their own language, custom and religion. The unique natural scenery and the rich ethnic cultures make Yunnan one of the favourite tourist destinations in China, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists in their multitudes every year.


  Part Ⅰ Writing 写作(短文写作)


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the chart below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the chart and comment on China5 s achievements in poverty alleviation. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  Part Ⅱ Listening 听力

  Section A 长对话


  Section B 听力篇章


  Section C讲话/报道/讲座


  Part Ⅲ Reading 阅读

  Section A 词汇理解(选词填空)

  At 43, I've reached the stage where women are warned to watch out for the creeping...

  26 .H) fragility

  27 .E) diminished

  28 .J) obscurity

  29 .B) authentic

  30 30.0) suppress

  31 31 .F) drowned

  32 .M) purchasable

  33 .G) embark

  34 .A) adversity

  35 .D) depictions

  Section B信息匹配(长篇阅读)  

  What Are the Ethics of CGI Actors-And Will They Replace Real Ones?

  36 .[G] Legally, a person's rights to control the commercial use of their name and image beyond their death differ between and even within countries.

  37 .[C] The James Dean film is a way to keep the actor's image relevant for younger generations, says Mark Roesler of CMG Worldwide, the firm that represents Dean's estate.

  38 .[J] This refers to the idea that when objects trying to re?semble humans aren,t quite perfect, they can make viewers feel uneasy because they fall somewhere between obviously non-human and fully human.

  39 .[A] Digital humans are coming to a screen near you.

  40 .[F] A hidden hazard of digitally recreating a deceased (已故 的)celebrity is the risk of damaging their legacy.

  41 .[L] Webber expects that we will see more digital humans on screen.

  42 .[B] Late in 2019, it was announced that US actor James Dean, who died in 1955, will star in a Vietnam War film sched?uled for release later this year.

  43 .[H] A recreation, however lifelike, will never be indistin?guishable from a real actor, says Webber.

  44 .[E] Now, a person can be animated from scratch.

  45 .[l] As it becomes easier to digitally recreate celebrities and to entirely manufacture on-screen identities,could this kind of technology put actors out of jobs?

  Section C 仔细阅读2篇(阅读理解)

  You can' t see it, smell it, or hear it, and people disagree on how precisely to define it, or where exactly it comes from................

  46. D) It contributes to intellectual growth but can easily be skilled.

  47.B) Cultivation of creativity should permeate the entire school curriculum.

  48.C) Test-oriented teaching.

  49.B) They attach great importance to arts education.

  50 .C) Providing all children with equal access to arts education.

  Emulating your conversation partner5 s actions is a common human behavior classified as “mirroring” and has been............

  51 .C) Imitate their partners' gestures without their knowing it.

  52 .B) When both sides have a lot of things in common.

  53 .A)It encourages people to imitate.

  54 .A)It facilitates the creation of one' s own writing style.

  55 .D) It may do harm as well as good.

  Part Ⅳ Translation 翻译(汉译英)

  青海是中国西北部的一个省份,平均海拔3000以上,大部分地 区为高山和高原。青海省得名于全国最大的咸水湖青海湖。青 海湖被誉为“中国最美的湖泊”,是最受欢的旅游景点之一, 也是摄影师和艺术家的天堂。

  青海山川壮丽,地大物博。石油和天然气储?丰富,省内许多 城市的经济在石油和天然气工业带动下得到了长足发展。青海 尤以水资源丰宿而闻名,是中国三大河流长江、黄河和澜沧江 的发源地,在中国的水生态中发挥着重要作用。

  Qinghai is a province in northeast China which is dominated by mountains and plateaus and thus is characterized with an amazing average altitude of over 3,000 metres. Qinghai is named after the Qinghai Lake, the largest saltwater lake in China, which is well recognized as the most beautiful lake in China, one of the most popular tourist attractions and the heaven for photographers and other artists.

  Qinghai features grand landscapes, vast territory and rich resources. The abundant reserves in oil and natural gas have contributed to the rapid economic development of many cities in the province. Furthermore, Qinghai serves as the headstream of China' s three major rivers, namely, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River, thus building an exceptional reputation in its water resources and playing a significant role in China' s water ecosystem.




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