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  走遍祖国最想母亲,走遍世界最想祖国。不同的民族,同一个祖国。 母亲的生日,同喜同喜。祝福你在这个和平幸福的年代里节日快乐!The most mothers would like to go around the world to the motherland. Different nationalities, with a motherland. Mother's birthday, with happiness and Hi. Bless you in this era of peace and happiness, happy holidays!

  山河壮丽,岁月峥嵘!祝福我们的国家繁荣富强,祝福我们的生活步入小康,国庆节快乐Majestic mountains and rivers, emerged years! Bless our country strong and prosperous, blessed our lives into a well-off, happy National Day!

  行至水穷处,坐看云起时,才发觉人生其实最重要的是:找一些吃的东西,找一些喝的东西,找一个爱你的人,还有找到一些可以在国庆佳节给你祝福的朋友!OK water to the poor, from sit-see, it found that the most important fact of life is: get some things to eat, or drink some things, you find a love of people, can still find some of the National Day holidays to bless you friend!

  祝国庆快乐、假期愉快! The National Day happy, happy holidays!

  像天空的繁星,灿烂美丽;像清晨的小花,清新绚丽。秋风会把我的祝福带给你,愿幸福和快乐永远陪伴你,愿你好好享受国庆长假!As the sky stars, beautiful and splendid; As the early morning florets, fresh colors.

  朋友,用心去体会, Friends intentions to experience autumn wind will give you my blessing, happiness and joy forever willing to accompany you, to make you enjoy the National Day holiday!

  生命中的快乐,有谁愿意拒绝,有谁傻傻放弃,幸福其实就在手心,只要轻轻握紧,生活的阳光此生将如影随形!Happy in life, but who are willing to reject, who receive waiver, in fact, the palm happiness, as long as gently thrust, and this life will be as easily sunshine!

  学习,使人向上;工作,使人充实;休闲,使人轻松;交际,使人开朗;友谊,使人开心;祝朋友国庆佳节:开开心心,每天好心情!Learning people up; Work enrich people; Leisure, people relaxed; Communication, cheerful people; Friendship, happy people; Friends National Day wish: a happy day good mood!

  朋友需要放在心上,忙了,一条短信,一个电话就方便着联络。手机可以动不动就换一款更潮流的,但朋友,那是一辈子的事情,祝国庆快乐!Friends need to bear in mind, busy, a short text messages on the convenience of a telephone contact. At every turn on the phone for a more trend, but a friend, it is a lifetime thing, I wish a happy National Day!

  转眼国庆,没有华丽的词藻,不抄袭别人的思考,只送上我真诚的祝福和简单的问好:神啊,希望你保佑这看短信的人平安到老,有我祝福的日子再无烦恼!After National Day, no flowery rhetoric, not copying other people's thinking, I only send sincere greetings and simple Greetings: God, I hope you see this message bless people to safely old, I have no trouble blessed day!

  我愿我的祝福是小溪,悄悄地流淌在朋友的心上,绵绵不绝;我愿我的关怀是枫叶,轻轻地摇着秋日的气息,吹送朋友们的问候,国庆快乐!I wish I was blessed streams, flows quietly in the hearts of friends, must not continuous; I wish my concern is the Maple Leaf, gently spinning autumn of life, though friends greetings, happy National Day!

  转眼又是这个熟悉的国庆节,我的祝福分分秒秒,我的关心时时刻刻,就在你的身边!愿我的祝福随轻风飘送,顺着柔水漂流,直达你的心扉,温馨我们的友谊Gone is the familiar, the National Day, I wish the minute, my concern always on your side! I would like to with the blessings of light crosses sent, along Yew water rafting, direct your hearts, our warm friendship.

  任时光匆匆,岁月流逝。永不腿色的是祝福;永不改变的是友情。我深深的祝福你开心快乐每一天.The rush of time, time passes. Color is never legs blessing; Change is never friendship. I deeply wish you a happy happy day. To this short speech to the National Day brings you happiness!

  抬起头,看短信,牵挂就在这问候间!给你我特别的祝福,愿它每分每秒都带给你健康、好运和幸福,希望这是你度过的最美好的国庆节!愿这短短的话语给你带来国庆的快乐!You raise your head and look at SMS, concerns in regards to this inter! I give you a special blessing to have it every minute per second gives you health, happiness and good luck and I hope that this is the best that you spend the National Day!

  自己活得开开心心就是幸福,让别人过得开开心心也是幸福。幸福是丰富多采的,只你用心去体会,就会感觉到幸福! 祝国庆快乐!They live a happy heart is happy, and let people live a happy heart is happy. Happiness is rich and varied, only to experience your intentions, it will feel happy! I wish a happy National Day!

  神州奋起,国家繁荣;山河壮丽,岁月峥嵘;江山不老,祖国常春!值此国庆佳节,祝愿我们伟大的祖国永远繁荣昌盛,也愿好运、健康伴你一生!Divine advancement, and national prosperity; Shan magnificent years emerged; Jiangshan not old Changchun motherland! On the occasion of China's National Day, I wish our great motherland will never prosper, to the best of luck, healthy life with you!

  欢度国庆,举国同庆!在这美好日子里,让我用最真挚的祝福陪你度过!祝:万事大吉,心想事成,家和万事兴! 国庆快乐!Celebrate National Day celebrations throughout the nation! In this beautiful day, let me with the most sincere best wishes accompany you spend! Chu: everything is, true, everything! Happy National Day!

  有国才有家,有家才有你,有你才有我,祝我亲爱的爸妈国庆快乐!身体健康! States have a home, you can have a home, you have me, I wish my dear parents happy National Day! Health!

  又到国庆节了,在这举国欢庆的日子里,希望你快乐如夕,永远幸福。国庆节快乐!Went to the National Day holiday in the country to celebrate this day, I hope you happy as Xi, always happy. Happy National Day!

  好久不见,十分想念。在这漫漫的国庆长假里,常常忆起共处的岁月。找点时间,约个地点,带上祝福,来个非常体验! Lost, very missed. In this long National Day holiday, often recalled coexistence years. Time to find some locations, bring blessings to a very experience!

  万紫千红迎国庆,片片红叶舞秋风。举国上下齐欢畅,家和国盛万事兴。愿这盛大的节日带给你永远的幸运!Full Ying Guo, Woods Hongye dance autumn wind. The entire country is behind Qi, and the home-Sheng everything. This grand festival will bring you everlasting lucky!

  金秋的岁月,丰收的季节,愿我最真诚的笑容伴随你,深深的祝福你,国庆节快快乐乐,事业辉煌腾达!Autumn years, the harvest season, I wish the most sincere smile with you, deeply wishes you happy National Day, cause brilliant TOUCH DOWN!

  姑娘好像花儿一样,小伙儿心胸多宽广,为了开辟新天地,唤醒了沉睡的高山,让那河流改变了模样.这是美丽的祖国,是我生长的地方。Girls like flowers, and more broad-minded inclusion, in order to open up new possibilities and awaken the sleepy mountain, the river changed its appearance. This is a beautiful motherland is where my growth.

  国庆,国庆,举国欢庆。祖国生日祝你美好心情,天天开心,快乐永恒! National Day, the National Day, celebrating the country. The birthday wish you good mood every day happy, eternal happiness!

  国庆节之际,不想给你太多,只给你五千万:千万要快乐,千万要健康,千万要平安,千万要知足,千万莫忘记我!National Day when you do not want to give too much, just to give you 50 million: 10 million to be happy, healthy 10 million, 10 million should be safe, happy to 10 million, 10 million MO forget me!

  有一种关心不请自来;有一种默契无可取代;有一种思念因你存在;有一种孤单叫做等待;有一种沉默不是遗忘;有一种朋友永远对你关怀!祝国庆快乐!There is a concern the uninvited; There is a tacit understanding irreplaceable; There is a yearning for your presence; There is a lonely called for; There is a silence is not forgotten; There is a concern to your friend forever! I wish a happy National Day!

  在这馥郁芬芳的季节,举国欢腾的日子,有一种心情叫牵挂,有一种思维叫想念。衷心祝你,国庆快乐。In this season of heavy fragrance, pleasant day across the country, there is a feeling worried about is, there is a miss is thinking. Sincerely wish you a happy National Day.

  幸福像点点繁星越多越叫人陶醉;真情像淡淡花香越久越叫人沉醉;累积点点幸福,珍藏滴滴真情,在这个举国欢庆的日子里,让我们一同心醉!Stars happy little more like the very revel; The truth here, as the longer touch the very intoxicated; Cumulative little happiness, and drops Prestige truth, the whole country celebrating this day, let us together memories!

  阳光是明媚的,溪水是清澈的;牛奶是甜的,蛋糕是香的;年轻是幸福的,日子是甜蜜的……我的祝福是真诚的,希望国庆你是开心的!The sun is shining brightly, the water is clear; Milk is sweet, cake-yes; Young is happy, and he is sweet ... is my sincere wish and hope that you are happy National Day!

  不妨出去走走,放松呼吸,走向灿烂阳光。 把发霉的心事交给流水,向远去的尘埃行个注目礼。May walk out, relax breathing, to brilliant sunshine. The rotten heart to water, dust to be a disappearing eyes.

  送给你最美好的祝福,愿你:国庆、家庆、普天同庆,官源、财源、左右逢源,人缘、福缘,缘缘不断。You gave the best blessing to you: National, Jiaqing, people throughout the official sources, financial resources, both ways, popularity, humble, the geopolitical fate.

  愿你国庆假期天天都有好心情,夜夜都做甜蜜梦,让你时时有人关心、处处受人呵护!美梦成真,幸福快乐!You would like to have a good day National Day holiday mood, have done every sweet dream, you always been concerned about all the people care! A dream come true and happiness!

  真挚的友情如同美酒,浓浓如醇、芳香似溢,秋色的美景带给美的享受,美的流连忘返。朋友,在这幸福的时光里,让快乐和美好永远陪伴着你!国庆快乐!Like wine sincere friendship, thick as alcohol, aromatic might overflow, the beauty of Autumn brought to the United States, the United States engaging. Friends, in this time of happiness, joy and good will to accompany you! Happy National Day!

  祝愿国庆节七天,天天快快乐乐168小时,时时开开心心10800分。National Day wishes seven days, 168 hours every day happy, always a happy 10,800 points.

  国庆祝你:百事可乐!万事芬达 天天哇哈哈!时时乐百氏!刻刻高乐高!心情似雪碧!永远都醒目!Celebrate your country: Pepsi! Everything drinks! Wow daily Ha Ha! Constantly Improve! Keke MACLEOD high! Feeling like Sprite! Always smart!

  每一阵清风细雨,都会让我将你轻轻想起;每一条祝福短信,都会将我们的心靠得更近;恰逢国庆之际,借此送上我的真挚问候,愿你天天快乐!Every Qingfengdian drizzle for a while, I will let you gently reminds me; Each SMS a blessing, our hearts will be stronger; Coincides with the occasion of National Day to send my sincere greetings to your happy day!

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